What is the most Preferred Choice in Commercial Vs Residential Real Estate

M3M Atrium / What is the most Preferred Choice in Commercial Vs Residential Real Estate

Investment depends on the buyer and his priority is to buy a home or have a recurring asset. Real Estate is a very popular method of investment and it benefits the high returns on the asset. Home buyers are more interested in residential properties as they are given lifetime security. A potential buyer may decide where investment is required by taking maintenance into check. Hence the effectiveness of investment in real estate is a play of dynamics of both risks/goals. So Residential or Commercial investment in real estate is the most important factor that Indian buyer foresees. Now it is very important to know what are the benefits of investing in real estate. This includes tax savings, rental income, owning a property, etc.

Residential or Commercial investment depends on factors like operational costs, availability of tenants, location, and lease. Residential investments in a property like apartments, houses, and villas are focusing on properties to live a life or rent out the space. On the other hand, commercial investors are more focused on properties like offices, shops, warehouses, hotels, and restaurants. Renting the property is a concept that has evolved as a result of comfortable housing, tenant-in residential housing needs, and minimal basic infrastructure post utilities. The rents are more in commercial properties with lease tenure increasing more with time. It is said that acquiring a commercial property is more complicated than a residential property in terms of legal matters, registration, etc.

Commercial property is very advantageous as the rents are even and lease conditions are stable along with long-term working conditions. Moreover, Residential Properties give returns more easily with less amount of work. It also makes sure that proper returns are ensured since tenants are required to pay no higher amounts as lease making sure low-interest costs. Hence investment in commercial property has higher returns in the case of Commercial property. The role played by budget and maintenance capabilities are not much high so the Real Estate is the best way to go as the Commercial property offers good return investments but working on a small scale indicates the easier way to manage. Even the investors are considering this that the factors like connectivity, budget, rent, operating costs, availability, etc. before going ahead with any decisions. .

Gurugram: Preferred City

The city of Gurugram is located 30 km south of the National Capital and 10 Km away from Dwarka Sub city 268 Km south of Chandigarh. The last 25 years have witnessed rapid developments and the city has the 3rd highest per capita income in India. The city also has successfully established itself as having top IT hubs and various BPO companies. Over the years, the city has been uniquely evolving itself into a hub of multinational companies, industries, call centers, industry giants, and shopping malls. Thus, being located within the boundaries of states like Rajasthan, U.P., and Delhi it also offers greater connectivity with other states like Delhi-Jaipur-Ahmedabad via NH-8. Also at the same time, the city attracts a flock of people for work, travel, and entertainment. The district is a part of NCR (Delhi) and has seen rapid expansion and growth leading to the setting up of corporate offices. Eventually, the place has also turned out to be a great destination spot with good connectivity due to rapid metro benefitting the people.

M3M Atrium: Marvel in Retail

M3M Atrium is a new High-street Retail Zone that is developed to give an exclusive shopping experience. There is the availability of improved broad boulevards where retail shops find a smooth functioning visible. M3M is structured as one of the most known and applauded investments when it comes to investing in property. Thus, the project offers the retailers an exceptional deal of high-class retail shopping complexes. It uses mixed styles in Retail in Food Courts, Shops, Office Spaces, and Studio Apartments. 5000+ families are living around the building and they are becoming part of an investment in new retail space booked in the project. The project is a “Unique Sco- Retail” and is located amidst perfect surroundings. It has a 1.87 lakh high Network catchment area. It also offers exclusive 41+ residential projects with 10+ iconic luxury projects.