Commercial Realty in Gurugram: A lucrative bet for the new age customers!!

M3M Corner Walk / Commercial Realty in Gurugram: A lucrative bet for the new age customers!!

An overview!

Delhi, which is known for its rapid growth and intelligent diversification of its portfolio hence making the best move in the right direction. With advancements being an integral part of the real estate market, commercial real estate is having an upper hand in recent times thereby standing out and being a benchmark.

Gurugram offers intensive connectivity and a whole startling deal to be accomplished with technological advancement being an unattachable part. The commercial real estate which is remarkable at present times is of the greatest futuristic prospects, an assured hiking up of prices, sparkling deals, and much more which can be taken advantage of and profit from after investing.

In the terms of yielding rental incomes, commercial properties seem to have a leg up on the residential properties, as one would make a higher income as compared to the residential properties. In the case of residential properties, the appreciation of the prices takes more time, and the profit margins in terms of the investment criteria are not that much, whereas if we talk about commercial properties they have a short time for waiting to the result of the appreciation of the prices of the properties. In comparison let us take an example, there are two properties which are residential properties and commercial properties, the rate of appreciation of the residential properties is around 3 to 4 percent, and the commercial properties’ rate of appreciation is around 7 to 8 percent. This also states that the investment in retail shops, office spaces, workspaces, warehoused, industrial spaces, and other such commercial spaces, thereby the rental income will also be highly yielded to the investors.

Start-ups play a major role!

Investing in real estate has always been a deal that earns a thick profit, and consistent earnings also. Here, major parts like Delhi NCR and Gurugram are experiencing startups more than many other parts which are adding sugar to the sweet, more startups lead to more opening of offices, shops cum office spaces, and other commercial realty.

A report by Cushman and Wakefield says the levels of sales have risen to the pre-COVID Levels in the second quarter of 2022, and more footfall in the market leads to more startling growth prospects. Delhi NCR is now eyed for being the place for Data Centre establishments, more and more MNCs have taken a clear eye on Gurugram and Delhi which are two of the most rapidly flourishing and growing areas.

A JLL report which was released in 2021 says that the next three years bring great opportunities with the foreseen deed of 10 million sq. ft. used by Data Centres, hence this will be a major part of the increasing importance of commercial real estate.

Iconic and trustworthy investment place!!

Gurugram is a place that offers a wide array of investment purposes, whether it is the smallest of convenience stores to luxury apartments or startling towers, it has left no stone unturned in any of its practices.

This is a place where you as a new-age customer can make ideal investments, because of its reputation and the connective importance. Gurugram is a dream destination for many, in the very beginning it started the journey with being home to call centers, but now it has grown to such an extent that it is called the millennium city which has every sizzling company settled here, with many MNCs making Gurugram it’s home as well as a place for making ideal investments.

An eminent destination with brilliant connectivity

With the infrastructure being prominent from every dimension it serves to be brilliantly connected, to the Delhi metro and the Rapid Metro also. The smooth connectivity to the Indira Gandhi International Airport is the best to take advantage of connectivity and easy transport. In addition to that, proximity to airport, railways, and roadways provide spread connections to various parts in and out of the place.

New-age investors see investing in urban and semi-urban areas to be beneficial and it to be an eminent source of generating profit. the retail spaces are being turned into recreation centers and community gathering places making it more lucrative, the millennials and Generation Y consider spending their lavish time at fine dining, restaurants, and other lavish places too which makes commercial real estate investment an option to be opted by many commercial real estate investors.

M3M Corner Walk: commercial reality at the top!

This project is a diamond in the coal, with excellent connectivity to various parts like Golf Course Extension Road, Sohna Road, Golf Course Road, NH 8, and many other parts also. The price starts at just ₹ 69 lakhs, and a payment plan of 50: 50 is offered to the potential buyers.

Enjoying excellent connectivity, and ambiance which is truthful to the output, one can make around a 9 percent return on investment. This is a RERA-certified project also in addition to that this project is under construction and the prices are comparatively low at the present and will rise once the project starts at its thing.

Showered with facilities like high-speed elevators, visitor parking, ATM, Bar and Lounge, and Food court, one can enjoy and make the best use of them, thereby being an ideal commercial real estate for investment.

Locational advantages are also making the conveniences smoother, with integral places connected in close proximities, Southern Peripheral Road at a distance of 3 Km, M3M Prime73 is at a distance of 3.4 km, Delhi Corporate Greens is also at an easy distance of 1.1 km, Hero Honda Road is at a distance of 6.2 km, these easy connections state that this commercial real estate investment is an all-rounder and makes itself a benchmark in the commercial real estate market.