Know The Right time to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

M3M Corner Walk / Know The Right time to Invest in Commercial Real Estate


The Commercial Real Estate boosted its pace of growth and development due to one main reason that is the improved interest of Non-residents Indian’s (NRIs). One of the important aspects of this is the falling rupee against US dollar as they are able to buy more sq. ft of commercial properties and get huge rental income.

As the Indian economy is growing, the rupee will reverse its course and appreciate against the dollar. This will bring in more investors and will gain more profits because it will get more returns on the investments. The NRIs as known for their better investing power gains better results and lead to celebrations of the success.

The rising US Dollar makes the residents buy the best commercial properties according to the property prices. The commercial properties are the safest/secure investment option because of higher returns as compared to most of the other investment instruments. High rental income with a regular buyer preference makes the move towards commercial properties.

Economic conditions of the country:

The stabilization in the Indian Economy has been the result of the development of well-formulated properties. Kristiva Georgievea, the managing director of IMF appreciated the well-targeted policy mix. Also, all economic indicators that are positively impacting the Indian economy are the prime reason for the attraction of investors.

Now, as the economy is growing, the real-estate market and majorly Commercial Real Estate segment is growing fastly and higher returns on investments is witnessing fast growing demands. At the same time, commercial properties are in huge demands as it has higher appreciation potential.

Real Estate and other sectors:

Capital Cost as known is still low, and it is the duty of investors to carefully pay attention and enter the market scene to buy choicest properties in the commercial segment. The demand of commercial property has already brought growth at a fast pace in Delhi-NCR leading to investors looking for well-developed office spaces equipped with modern technology.

The IT sector and start-ups are coming forward in looking for spacious spaces to enjoy the fulfilment of their workforce. Also, the demand coming from the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector has added another growth aspect to trigger the investment scenario of commercial properties.

Best option: Commercial real-estate:

Improvements in the real-estate market will also bring upsurge in property values. So real estate is a very clever choice, when it comes to long-term investments as it gives a steady income growth and generates more returns on investments and tax benefits. At the same time the given growth prospects and positive sentiments will bring the real-estate sector to grow more and encourage buyers as well as investors stay focused on the real-estate market.

Thus commercial real estate is the best and highly profitable option to invest, and it is advisable to intelligently work and carefully look for the investment documents and take a decisive decision. Also, important to note is how the buyers must carefully look for developer’s credibility and track records of delivery.

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