Why Investing in a Commercial Project is Highly Profitable

M3M Corner Walk / Why Investing in a Commercial Project is Highly Profitable


Over the years the real estate market has proven to be a worthy investment. It has even posed as a better investment than gold. But this is no news to Indians, property has always been a safe bet in our country. Not only does buying property add value to your investment, but it can also be given to you. You get a huge number of options from residential apartments, plots and houses to commercial properties. It is no surprise that the sector has shown striking growth from the market value. The market value is expected to increase from 200 billion dollars to 1 trillion dollars by the end of the decade.

Benefits of Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Real estate investors prefer investing in commercial properties for a couple of benefits. Let's look at each one in depth.

Numerous Options & Flexibility

As mentioned earlier, the many options that people get when investing in commercial properties offer the flexibility of choice and returns. In commercial developments, you can invest in the most obvious choice: shops. There are many new-age options for those who want to invest in shopping spaces like shops in malls, virtual spaces and even shop-cum-office plots. Then you also have the option of investing in offices which is relatively a newer trend but has proven to be quite successful, especially in a place like Gurgaon. Hospitality industry commercial spaces, tech parks and so many other options have emerged over time which provides the flexibility for the buyers to choose a space that suits their budget and is well-suited for the resources on their hands. .

Better & Easier Returns

Yet another benefit of investing in a commercial property is the returns. Commercial property is rarely a consumed product. For those who want to showcase their businesses, buying commercial properties is a perfect option. For those who want rentals, commercial properties are more reliable and the best part is they have better yearly yields. It is not as volatile as the stock market. Intelligent investment in real estate can lead to wealth accumulation as well. The returns are in fact the most integral factor when it comes to a commercial investment also because once a business is established the tenant is likely to stay put. Since the business dealing is amongst professionals, the transactions and negotiations are smoother.

Stepping in the Digital Era

Digitisation has helped increase awareness and has also increased the process of investing in this diverse secondary income stream. People can be well-informed about projects and can better equip themselves with investment knowledge. Meeting suitable buyers and sellers is also easier. However, the most important impact of digitization on real estate is in the buying process.

New-Age Investment Schemes

It is also important to note that you can now invest in real estate without having to own any part of the property. Real estate investment trusts are an emerging option in India which facilitates investment in the sector without having to maintain resources. The number one hassle that people face with real estate is liquidity and REITs allow any percentage of liquidity. Small players can also invest in property with the help of liquidity.

Premium Office Spaces

Yet another reason for the increased profits in the sector is the huge demand for premium office spaces. Mix-use developments facilitate choice in the industry for commercial investors. These projects are being constructed in a high numbers because they offer people the option to invest in their preferred type of investment.

Other Factors

Today, people want a second stream of income to generate passive profits. Without spending their time managing resources, in this regard commercial properties prove to be very useful. It offers better rentals and has more stable and professional tenants while offering a higher price appreciation in the years to come. It is a landmark destination for investors who want to save time and energy. It is validated by the increasing share of commercial investments in the real estate markets.

In Gurgaon, the satellite town of Delhi, commercial properties are being constructed on a spree. One noteworthy investment is M3M Corner Walk. It is a state-of-the-art development which includes all the above benefits and comes with an attractive lease period, payment plans and returns. It is located in the upcoming hub in sector 74. It is a mix-use development which has many benefits. If you are looking to invest in a commercial development this is the perfect opportunity, or in fact a gold pot awaiting you.