Why Invest in Low-Rise Floors?

M3M Antalya Hills / Why Invest in Low-Rise Floors?

When it comes on the part of investing in real estate multiple options are considered, and the preference of the customer remains at the top. Those who prefer to live in a calm environment with no such disturbances or external interference leading to their privacy being a major factor. This is what’s leading to the uplifting demand for low-rise floors. Although both low-rise, as well as high-rise apartments, have their advantages, the preference of the customer is what decides all of it.

Some of the major factors which are the key reasons why Low-Rise Floors is a Good investment option are as follows;

1. Less population

If you are living at a place, where the number of floors is lesser and the families living in a specific radius is comparatively less than the other offered apartments, it signifies that people who prefer a quiet environment to live in have been choosing these apartments, and there are undoubtedly a lot of persons who want to lead a life in peace and as in a place where privacy holds the foremost position.

2. Higher resale value

While we consider the low-rise floors, the resale value for that particular type of apartment increases. The resale value is higher for this as the amenities offered, the specifications of such apartments and floors, as well as the realty trends being in favor of these types make it a more demand, and considering the price, it can be bought at a higher price than before always. .

3. Wide open spaces and greenery

These apartments are built in places that are spacious and have wide side open areas which are full of greenery and aspects which make living here a delightful experience to mark while being present here one can enjoy the calmness and the serenity of nature at its peak. Having open spaces ensures that you are living with an assurance of great prospects of a healthy life which can be led with peace and enjoyment at the same time.

4. Low maintenance

These low-rise floors generally have low maintenance as their manufacturing comes with cutting down the costs, the high-rise apartments generally have a higher cost, which means it takes more funds to build and thus execute the other types of real estate, whereas in this case the cost has been cut down short to make it a more favorable option for investment. Also, places like basements, parking, and others are created on the very same floor, again making it a wise option from the consumer’s point of view to invest in.

M3M Antalya Hills Gurgaon- Low Rise Floors in the Realty trends!!

M3M is a great developer who has given elevated projects and many outputs in the past also, this project provides 2.5 and 3.5 BHK apartments which are low-rise apartments making it possible for oneself to make the best decision for investment.

Made on a land parcel of 50 acres it has 250 units in it for the best investment from the consumer’s end. This is a RERA certified project whose price starts at just ₹ 1 crore, with the alluring amenities which include a Yoga studio, lounge, aerobics court, swimming pool, rooftop jogging track, landscaped drop-offs, and many other amenities which make an elevated lifestyle possible for you to enjoy and take the whole advantage of.

2 BHK + 2 T + study apartment has an area of 1,193 sq. ft. with the price for the same being ₹ 1 crore onwards.

3 BHK + 3 T + study apartment has an area of 1,534 sq. ft. with the price for the same being ₹ 1.35 crore onwards.