M3M Corner Walk Specifications

The commercial marvel M3M Corner Walk is the newest high-end high-street retail avenue curated to bring the most urban lifestyle experience. All retail outlets and spaces are well-engineered with the latest technology-enabled and aesthetically designed. Heavenly is laid out for all visitors and shoppers who seek a world-class shopping experience. Enjoy a rewarding experience at the 12 meters. wide boulevards with maximum visibility. It also includes a grand entry through a majestic plaza with a large frontage. Adorned with open courts, vivacious vistas, and a lavish central activity hub to rewind the grandeur of the destination. State-of-the-art strategically placed vertical and horizontal moving zone that is ideal for signage.

Be where the trends of the age take you as this commercial development brings you one of its kind highly equipped office zones. It welcomes each and everyone with open and exquisite lobby areas with single-unit office entry points. The office is the next generation's highly optimal and flexible office destination. Integrated with an activity area it also provides dedicated entry for the office block. The floor plate provision is designed to host both multiple and single-occupancy units. With a well-laid-out plan and demarcation for retail and office space, the office tower comes with a core central designed module.

The engineering and structure of the M3M commercial destination are refineries laid out with the best available RCC slab and column structure equipped with masonry partitions. Architecturally meticulously designed and beautifully crafted with pleasing water bodies. The landscape is aesthetically amusing as it is adorned with a pedestrian plaza, seating areas, a drop-off zone, and an entrance for mica features. The finish and the brushing of the architecture is a testimonial of luxury with quality tested. The exterior and lobbies are furnished with a combination of one or more stone/tile and painted surfaces. The basement, floors, and common toilet are finished with modern fittings and fixtures.

M3M Corner Walk